Processional, Palm Sunday, March 29
Children Meet at 10 AM in the narthex for practice.
Services begin each day at noon, followed by a light lunch. Donations for the lunch will be given to the Community Benevolent Fund.
Monday, March 21
Location: St. Maurice Catholic Church
Preacher: Reverend Parker Johnson, First Presbyterian
Tuesday, March 22
Location: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Preacher: Dr. Dale Huff, First Baptist Church
Wednesday, March 23
Location: First Presbyterian Church
Preacher: Reverend Tony McCullough, First Methodist Church
Thursday, March 24
Location: First Baptist Church
Preacher: Father Adrian Cook of St. Maurice Catholic Church
 Thursday Night at 6:15 PM: Tenebrae Service at First United Methodist Church
Friday, March 25
Location: First Methodist Church
Preacher: Reverend Sandra Mayer, Episcopal Priest