Jamie Sanford, Director of Student and Youth Ministries

The Youth Ministry at FUMC hopes to change the world by introducing the next generation to a relationship with Jesus Christ.


FUMC Youth Weekly Schedule (7th-12th grades):

Sunday Mornings — All middle and high school youth meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM in the Youth Room for study and worship. The youth rooms are located at the end of the Education Building Hallway.

FUMC Youth Sunday

Sunday Nights —

The Youth meet on Sunday nights starting at 6pm for a time of fun, fellowship, Book study series and conversation!  During this time the youth will learn more about what it means to have their identity rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ and explore the Scriptures for a greater understanding of who God is and who they were created to be in the world.  Meetings will typically happen in the youth room at FUMC, but occasionally off-site for special events!  A $2 snack supper is offered each week as well!  All youth are invited to attend!

 Wednesday Nights —

Youth at Meltdown

All youth are invited for Wednesday Night supper at 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. The cost is $5.00  After supper, please stay for youth worship, group Bible studies and discussions beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Special Events & Retreats —

FUMC Confirmation Class

The youth will participate in special events and retreats throughout the year, such as missions opportunities, winter & summer retreats, Youth Sunday in the spring and other opportunities to serve, worship, and grow in their faith.

Confirmation (7th & 8th grades) —

FUMC holds a bi-annual Confirmation Class for youth who are generally in 6th-7th grades. During this 9-month class, youth will work with mentors and learn about their Christian faith and particular ways United Methodists practice that faith.  At the end of the class the church host Confirmation Sunday on which many of the youth confirmands profess their faith, some will be baptized and all will become full members of the church!