Couple’s study:
Sundays @ 9:45am
You are invited to this small group for couples focusing on building community and learning how to “do life” together as husbands, wives, moms, dads, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters in Christ. Format is fellowship and Biblical conversations.
Women’s studies:
Wednesdays @ 6:00pm
Women seeking to become fully devoted followers of Christ and to allow God’s Word to inspire them to love, learn, and lead the present and future generations.
Sundays @ 9:45am
The Faith-In-Action class invites women in the community to join with them for fellowship,  study and discussion of Biblical principles and how they apply in the lives of women, mothers, friends….
FUMC Spiritual Growth Opportunities
for Youth and Children
Wednesdays (6-7pm)
    Preschool class
    K-3rd grade class
    4-6th grade class
    Youth Study, 7-12th grades (Youth  
                                                  Rooms)        Adult study (Fellowship Hall)
Sundays (9:45-10:40am)
    K-6th grade
    Youth (7-12th)
    Various Adult Classes for all ages &   
              Stages of life
Upcoming Events:
Communities of Transformation
An interdenominational initiative gathering at 5:30pm every Tuesday in the FUMC fellowship hall.  This ministry is reaching and transforming our community by addressing the issues surrounding poverty and family insecurities. 
For more information, contact Anita Watson at 251-513-1945.  Please join us each week to see what COT meeting involves. Additionally, please be in prayer for those participating and volunteering in this effort. COT needs: Meal sponsors, volunteers to assist with children, and small circle allies.

Calling all Singers!
You are invited to join in the fun with the adult choir at FUMC, led by Connie Wilkes. The choir comprised of a diverse group of adults who love to sing about Jesus! While helping to lead hymns in worship on Sunday mornings, the choir also handles the anthem most weeks and is involved in special music throughout the year (Christmas Cantada, Easter worship, solos, quartets….). The choir meets in the choir room at 7pm on Wednesdays to rehearse.

Sound system operators needed
Contact James Deatherage for details. (251-809-3415)
Come Worship With Us!
Contemporary Service: 9:00am
Sunday School & Small groups: 9:45am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:50am
Handbells: 5:00pm
Youth Studies/Small Groups: 5:30-7pm
Adult Bible Studies: 6-7:30pm
Prayer Team (4:45-5:15pm)
Children’s Choir (5-5:30pm)
Supper: (5:30-6:10pm)
Announcements & Prayer (5:50-6pm)
Adult Bible/Book Study (6:00-7:00pm)
Women’s Small Group Study (6:00-7:00pm)
Children and Youth Groups (6:00-7:00 pm)
Upcoming Team Meetings:
Youth Council (3rd Sunday) @ Noon
Children’s Council (1st Sunday) @ Noon
Council on Ministries- August 1st @ 5:30pm
Finance Team – October 19th @ noon
Administrative Board
Missions Team
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